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Analysis of the investment land

Your company generates large amounts of biodegradable waste, which causes problems with its management? The solution may be the implementation of renewable energy sources. Biodegradable waste is NOT a PROBLEM, it is a valuable substrate, thanks to which it is possible to produce biogas, which can be burned in the engine, producing electricity and heat. Energy can be used for own purposes, but also sold to the ee grid.

As specialists, we know exactly this investment preparation process, which begins with the preparation or selection of a land property. The GC company will provide a comprehensive report tailored to the client’s needs, prepared for a specific investment:

Planning analysis (municipal planning documents: study of the conditions and directions of the municipal spatial development (suikzp), local spatial development plan (local development plan),

Environmental and engineering analysis (restrictions resulting from the location of investments in forms of nature protection, ecophysiographic factors such as: depth of groundwater, water bodies, geology and foundation conditions for buildings, etc.),

  • Analysis of the possibility of connecting utilities – water and sewage, energy, gas
  • Analysis of the substrate potential in terms of biogas production efficiency
  • Analysis of the possibility of service use / sale of heat.

As a result, the report will clearly assess the profitability of an investment tailored to the needs of the contracting authority. We also provide assistance in optimizing the project in order to maximize the intended effect.

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