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The investment process is a sequence of many successive activities and activities leading to the implementation and completion of a construction project. In the investment process, many legal provisions come into contact, and sometimes permeate them, which culminate in obtaining the final building permit. However, before the investor obtains a decision, it will be necessary to obtain many documents, consents and permits, including:



1. Extracts from the local development plan or building conditions

The Local Development Plan indicates what investments are possible in a given area. If the purpose of the land is as intended, an application for an excerpt and an excerpt from the plan should be submitted.

If the plot is not covered by the Local Development Plan, you should apply to the City or Commune Office for a decision on development conditions


2. Excluding land from agricultural production

If the investment plot is located outside the city limits, it will be necessary to decide to exclude the land from agricultural production. This document is obtained at the Land Management Department of the appropriate Poviat Starosty.



3. Map for design purposes

A geodetic map is one of the basic documents necessary in the construction process. Its execution should be commissioned to a surveyor. Usually the map is made on a scale of 1: 500. On its basis, a plot development plan is then created.


4. Conditions for connecting utilities

In the case of the implementation of renewable energy projects, it is extremely important!

It may turn out that there are obstacles in issuing conditions for the energy producer or connecting the installation will turn out to be very expensive. Connection applications are submitted to local suppliers: gas, water and sewage and power plants.