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A well-made construction project is the basis for the success of an investment. The scope of design work and the number of stages in the preparation of technical documentation depend on the complexity of the investment and its size.

For large and complex investments, project documentation is usually prepared in three stages:

Conceptual design (7-15% of the value of the design work),

Construction project (30-45% of the value of design works),

Executive design (40-60% of the value of design works),

The design documentation of most of the remaining investments is prepared in two stages, limited to the construction design – on the basis of which we obtain a building permit, and to the detailed design on the basis of which the planned investment is implemented. For objects with simple technical solutions, a one-stage development (construction design) is sufficient.

When designing the investment program, you need to choose the best option and estimate the cost and profitability. The construction design is prepared only after the best investment option has been selected. It specifies the type and size of facilities, construction solutions as well as production technology and equipment.


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