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Here. Now. For us and the next generations.

Concept studies, design, construction and implementation of new renewable energy technologies are our everyday life. We constantly acquire new knowledge and develop competences. The experience and character of our team members have made us choose the eco-energy and environmental protection markets as those in which we want to be among the leaders.

Climate change on earth is becoming more and more visible, and counteracting unfavorable changes is becoming an increasingly urgent problem. That is why today we focus on preventing negative changes taking place in the environment and trying to repair the existing state of affairs. We think about the legacy we will leave for future generations and the need for people to adapt to inevitable climate change.

The branches of the manufacturing, energy and mining industries as well as agriculture are mainly affected by climate change. These industries, mainly in the European Union, have been subjected to various regulations preventing their negative impact on the natural environment.

Therefore, in the coming years, we will undoubtedly face an energy transformation focused on the use of as much energy as possible from renewable sources and low-emission technologies in the energy sector. Something that for many people seems to be a problem at the moment, we, as a company, want to present as an opportunity and an impulse for development. A chance for farmers, agri-food processors and local governments. As the overall profile of energy production shifts from centralized to distributed, the door is finally opening for private electricity producers.

We want to help them in this process. Show that taking into account the requirements, the prism of work, the type of production and the demand, a properly sized and selected installation is technically and economically justified.

If you want to find out on your own example, write to us. We will guide you through the entire process painlessly. From the phase of the concept to the realization:



Formal preparations and investor supervision
of hybrid installations (biogas, photovoltaics)


Investor supervision over the construction
of biogas installations


Formal preparations for the construction of
several agricultural biogas plant projects with a capacity of 1 MW each


Commencement of work on improving the technology of agricultural biogas plants with a capacity of up to 1 MW